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Our Services

Our Services

Hedge Topping & Trimming

We have eight tree topping machines servicing the Southland and Otago regions.


With a reach up to 15 metres, they are capable of trimming and topping a variety of trees, hedges and shelter belts.


The machines are equipped to operate year round, and can clean up.


Tree Removal

We carry out all types of tree removal, from small residential trees to full shelter belts.


We have three excavators, to assist with felling as well as clean up.


We specialise in tree removal for power line clearance and felling of at-risk trees.

Stump Removal

We have a tracked stump grinder for the removal of all sizes of stumps. The machine can fit through a 900mm gateway to access residential sections.


We also remove large stumps using an excavator with a ripper attachment.


Root Raking

We have an excavator set up for root raking and general vegetation removal for land clearance, as well as stockpiling waste.

Powerline Clearance

We are an approved contractor to PowerNet for power line clearance.


We carry out trimming and felling to return trees to the correct clearance distances as specified by PowerNet.


We can also arrange power de-energising if required to safely complete the work.

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